Photos of Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre victims sit at a small memorial near the school on January 14, 2013, in Newtown, Connecticut. (John Moore/Getty Images)
John Moore/Getty Images

I recently came across a Messenger thread from eight years ago I’d written to a friend. It was a message that I’d shared with many on my Facebook friend’s list too. These thoughts were written three days after the Sandy Hook shooting…

I woke up at 3:30 AM this morning with an overwhelming urge to fix what was wrong with this world. The sadness from the Sandy Hook shootings seems to be the last straw for my psyche, especially with all the other things that have transpired for my family and me this year. I need to ‘heal’ emotionally from all the upheaval in my life and from all the rottenness I see occurring everywhere. My nerve endings are at the last bit of handling stuff, and me being as emotional as I have been since this morning is a real good indication of it.

The thing I keep coming back to is ‘How do we teach people to care, and how do we make it easier for the next person?’ I don’t know if you can ‘teach’ that. Still, I have to think that, as mature and responsible people, we will do whatever it takes to, at the very least, do what is necessary for our own families, our inner circle, and in our communities to reflect humanity that will go a long way towards avoiding, solving and changing the possible tragedies to hope-filled possibilities.

It’s not just situations like the Sandy Hook shooting that is a burden to us all, things as simple as not doing what you said you would do contribute to the pain of others. Let us end the cycle of disappointment we create for people when we aren’t being as responsible as we should be.

I wish that we all, myself included, become kinder, gentler, and more loving people towards our fellow human beings and creatures. I need your help to call me on it when I’m not doing that, and I hope you’ll respect me when I see that a kinder, gentler you could handle a situation differently. I sincerely want unnecessary heartache to end. Life is one immense suffering after another already, but it seems to me that it would not be quite as sucky if we had more good times in between or at the very least a less chaotic life if all people had more peace.

My recent personal ‘bad times’ are my reality, and I’m ok with those. Healing happens in unique ways when we see things for what they are, but the intentional cruelty I see so much of has got to stop. I want to do what I can, and I hope that you will be a part of it with me. Thanks for letting my guts spill out and taking the time to listen to me. Hopefully, my humanity will touch you in a way that we can see some real change in this world. It might feel or sound silly to you and feel free to tell me that I’m all wet, but I feel like I HAVE to do something… anything… everything. I want something better for myself, my family, my friends, and the entire world. The unnecessary hurts need to end.


As I reread my thoughts from so long ago, I wonder if anything has changed at all. Thoughts?

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  1. That was a truly lovely share Susi. I think what you said was so true. We do live in a world full of chaos and cruelty. Unbelievable so. I think what you said shows your ultra aware and that we all have to do our part. Every little bit of kindness to another makes a difference. Thank you for sharing with us. Love ❤️ Joni

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    1. Exactly, you never know how every little bit ripples out in the community to make it better. Thanks, Joni! ❤ BTW, I could have sworn I was following you but apparently not, or WP was glitching again. That has been remedied. 🙂

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      1. It is likely not you. I have had to refollow multiple people I have been following for two years. I have heard a lot about this in the community. I think everyone knows it. I would never unfollow anyone. I don’t always post comments. Sending you lots of love Susi. I think what is going on in the world has been hard on everyone but we are even more sensitive then a lot of people. A big southern hug coming your way. ❤️🤗🌹🥰

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      2. The more blogs I follow, I fear the less I read, and even less comment but I try to make sure to read a little bit each week.

        Thanks for the ❤ and hugs, Joni!


  2. I feel the pain your express here. My heart breaks every time there is a shooting here in Charlotte. Just last week a baby shot in crazy crossfire into a home. When will they learn a better way to work things out? So very sad. Seems like there is a shooting every week!

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  3. Now we have people trying to say that the school shootings didn’t happen – how cold and cruel is that? It’s a strange time and can be depressing. I think of something a woman told me many years ago. She said that evil thrives because it is often well organized, whereas the forces for good tend to stay silent and separate hoping good will win out in the end.

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    1. It blows my mind that there are people who are saying it was a hoax. Very cold and cruel! I think that woman has a point. I’m hoping things will change too but more than anything, I’m exhausted. Thanks for stopping and commenting, VJ.

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    1. You’re right of course, Geoff. We must always try for a large majority doing so will change the course of history. You mentioned the Berlin Wall, and it reminded me of my aunt who was trapped behind it in East Germany. She sadly gave up and commited suicide about 5 years before it fell. I, on the other hand, was born in West Berlin, also behind the wall, but got to see the bittersweet event as it happened. I guess I was lucky.


      1. Absolutely, yet I fear that our reality has gotten worse. I honestly don’t remember a time in my history, where it felt like there was so much cruelty around us. I will always try to be better but I worry for my kids and their futures.


  4. the intentional cruelty I see so much of has got to stop. Unfortunately, it hasn’t. In fact, it seems to have gotten worse since a certain individual has exerted his influence over a portion of the humanity you write about. And I don’t think I need to elaborate.

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  5. This world has gotten a little colder but I find warm hearts when I stop to look for them. It costs me nothing to be kind so I am generous with my kindness. Now to convince others that the way to a better society is via being kind!

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