Reblogs – Laura Denise & Akhila Siva

From my perspective, these two pieces describe two very different relationships – one fulfilling and the other empty – types that all individuals have probably experienced. One, the other, or both. So, passion-less or passion-filled, what’s your current relationship?

Wildfire Heart by Laura Denise

I’ve loved before.
That’s what lovers do.
Never the problem,
just the flue.

My heat rising
and released,
but others
closed the vent.
I self-suffocated
each ember
of chance.

And again.

But my match,
finally met.
to my intensity,
my molten form
held so tenderly.

I still love them all
for that’s what lovers do,
but so grateful each
closed that flue.

My fire is now
a type of glow
that originated
when I was finally able
to feel being held,
and the way he made me
first love

We fell,
we rose,
along the way,
grew together,
blue and white

I don’t miss you, but I miss your vibes by Akhila Siva

I don’t miss you,
but I miss your vibes
I miss the connection
I thought I can vibe on my own
I thought I can vibe to the music of nature 
no matter my mood
But how silly I’m,
I can vibe to nothing 
when I miss your vibes

If I say I miss you,
I miss you that badly
as I love you that madly
Call me insane that I can 
never get you out of my head
no matter how you treat me
Each and every nooks and corners of my cells 
are craving for your vibes
But never you knew 
how privileged you are in my heart
Never you knew 
how important you are to me

Come back and hug me as usual
Hug me and squeeze me as always.
I don’t say that I miss you
But deep in my heart I miss a piece of my smile.
I miss your vibes
I miss the connection
Come back and hug me as usual

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