Dusk In My Soul


I Write Her


I’ve gone dark.

Could be my pants, shirt, socks, underwear or bra, but rest assured, dark will be somewhere on my body. As dark on my skin as dark as my insides.

It will remind me to get back to the emotions that were lost and fragmented. The good ones that shattered, and then scattered everywhere; becoming thin and almost non-existent. Seems odd, doesn’t it? To select gloom to inspire me after it tore me apart first. It’s my visual sticky note of what I let happen to me. It’s what I must do in order to go on. Otherwise, I don’t think I would.

Every emotion that came at me… shook me… HARD.

I’m scared being left with the impression of nothing being good, ever again.

“See the light in others, and treat them as that is all you see.”
Dr. Wayne Dyer

That’s hard when…

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16 thoughts on “Dusk In My Soul

  1. I’m sorry you’re feeling this way. And the photo you chose makes me think you feel stuck under a well. I’m here just to offer comfort.
    I’ve had plenty times when I feel like this. And there will be more.
    Please know your feelings are valid. Now that you’ve got the words out let renewed light find you. Sit where the light is sure to find you. Literally and figuratively.
    I also offer a hug.
    Be well, Susi. Here’s thinking of you.
    (Let moonlight balance your energy). 🤗

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    1. I appreciate all your kindness, Selma, and the hugs. I will always take those! But I’m good. This piece was written a while ago about a time in my past that has been dealt with, not a current situation. 🙂


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