My Disappearance by Susi Bocks

So grateful to Gabriela Marie Milton for accepting this piece for MasticadoresUSA! Thank you so much! ❤

MasticadoresUsa // Editor: Barbara Leonhard

Image credit – Sam Burriss @ Unsplash

My Disappearance
by Susi Bocks
[author’s site]

it’s my nature
to withdraw
when unbalanced
for no reason at all

i retreat to a safe space
like bear cubs denning
i’m not languishing
i’m dormant with melancholy

seeking shelter protects my soul
giving respite and comfort
surrounded by nothing but time
it revives me

@Susi Bocks


Welcome to MasticadoresUSA.

MasticadoresUSA was founded byJuan Re Crivello as part ofGobblers/Masticadoresin 2021. Its current editor isGabriela Marie Milton.

MasticadoresUSA features talented writers of poetry and short prose. We primarily publish writers who write in English, and are based in the USA. However, while the publication language remains English, we also welcome the work of our fellow writers from all over the world.

What do we want to bring to our readers? Edgar Allan Poe once wrote:Poetryis the rhythmical…

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31 thoughts on “My Disappearance by Susi Bocks

  1. Susi this is so beautiful. As you have said in the past we share some history. I think I understand your need to take a break. Although all of us need that occasionally. I am grateful you took the time. Congratulations on your publication and welcome back. Hugs and love, Joni xoxoxo

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      1. You’re welcome. Down to the river just before sunset, or to Ft. Defiance war park, there is no fort just the outline, but walking the trail is peaceful as is the view of the river and town from the top of the hill.

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