Perpetual Pain

Inspired by Reena’s Exploration Challenge #190 – Insanity
Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Unforgotten

no one told me
the days of mourning
linger for years

those unforgotten bring us
more bitter than sweet memories
unexpectedly and forcefully

it rises up within us
tears well and overflow incessantly
this insanity of grief, tortuous

when you love hard
you hurt more
death really kills two people

57 thoughts on “Perpetual Pain

  1. The best parts of those unforgotten I carry with me. Before too long, they become a comfort and an inspiration rather than pain. Death Changes one from physical to spiritual, and it changes the people closest to receive the spirit released into the universe. I think on these unforgotten people in my life and realize I have incorporated them into my being.

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  2. I understand the lingering emotions. …


    I find the tears never stop, they just have longer dry spells between the showers……..

    “How many rivers of tears must we cry
    Before all the deepest wells run dry”

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