Kindle Vella has launched!

Kindle Vella is currently featuring these stories above on their new reading platform. In the future, this is where you’ll find all my five short, quick and entertaining reads in a variety of genres. My goal is to produce one new Kindle Vella story per month for your enjoyment. I’m very excited to participate on this new platform on Amazon. I hope you are too!

Below are all the links to my stories and I would love it if you would go check them out! You can read all the stories on your Kindle iOS app or on the website. The first three episodes are always free. I hope that I’ve impressed you enough with my mad writing skills that you will want to see it through to the end! The last two episodes do require tokens. Based on my normal story length, each episode should be six tokens, so a total of twelve for each story. My understanding is that you would need to pre-purchase a pack of tokens and then assign them but I think you can also purchase them as you are reading the story. Unfortunately, it’s not real clear yet. You can check out their launch page HERE for the initial information about this new platform.

I really appreciate you investigating this and giving feedback that I could share with Kindle Vella as it is still being tested. It will help to provide them with information for everyone’s success. Of course, I would appreciate any reviews you could leave for each story as it helps my credibility as an author on this platform too! And if you like the story, click the thumbs up symbol. Thank you for your support!

For your enjoyment, here are the direct links to each of the stories!

The Little Red Suitcase

The Boss

Dipped in Yellow

Falling from the Tree

The Dark Park

An American Conflict


The Shifting Sands

Led Astray


The Passageway

Bridge to the Stars

Secrets Between Lovers

So tell me, what type of story would you like to see next? Romance, mystery, fantasy? I’ve got a couple of ideas already but I would love to hear what you want to see! I’m shooting to publish the next story at the beginning of August.

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