The heat was terribly ferocious at the border. I wasn’t feeling effervescent any longer, not with sweat dripping out of every pore of my child-like, waifish body. It felt like my form was melting under this hot Texas sky. Oh, why did I choose to wear my finery of all days?

The guard accepted my ID card; all seemed to be in order. Next stop, my hotel! With the temperatures and my temper rising, I needed some air conditioning, like now!

I hope Juanita likes her surprise. The poor dear was so lost after the fire at her parent’s home.

16 thoughts on “Troubles

  1. How inhuman we have become, and how parochial we feel. I live in hope that one day the earth will not resemble a pie-diagram. I like how you tell so much in such a short space, great story Susi.

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  2. the gop say
    hey that crisis to day
    at the southern border
    i say hey you jerks it has always been that
    messicans steal from indians
    and we from them
    now them chickenz comin home ta roost ya ll~

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