The Player

The beam emanating from the virtual reality box looked almost as if the hologram was escaping. I turned to chase it and managed to bruise my leg on the side table in the process. This game, however thrilling, was a bit scary, though. I lost my balance hard that last scene. But the visual spectrum was amazing! Who cares that I’ve torn open a gash on my leg? Next time, I will remember just a slight tweak on the controls. This bundle of games was so worth it! Just remember to breathe, Cyril!

“How much more time do I have??”

14 thoughts on “The Player

    1. Thanks, Carolyn! I have once at my son’s house and yes, it can be dangerous! The day we were playing, he accidentally broke his window shade. It’s because he has a very small living room. But I imagine if you were in a really big space it would be quite fun! 🙂


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