i know i should be your champion
your friend
the best actually
always by your side

but i’m not your mother nor your shrink
and i’m way too old
for these repetitious struggles
leading nowhere

how can i keep fighting for someone
who has worn me down
to the point
where i don’t even fight for myself

i’m exhausted
and filled with anxiety
staying shackled
to a future which remains elusive

i’m spent
and not in a good way…

31 thoughts on “Arduous

  1. how could you behold the love i held for you?
    when you are tired and bent out of shape
    from the shit that was laid on you
    i know too many women suffer as ye
    and for me this is no victory
    just shitty timing as usual

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  2. I know this feeling. Took me a long time to recognize that I no longer want to be a mother, therapist, babysitter, etc for another. We need companions to walk with us through life.

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