Something New On The Horizon – Kindle Vella

For all you creators and story tellers, here’s something new at KDP!! It’s not quite live yet but will be available on Amazon in a few months. In the meantime, get your stories up and published in preparation for new readers wanting to read your work. They are accepting all genres that your imagination likes to delve into! AND you will get paid for it should people choose to browse and invest in your library. It’s a wonderful new program that could create a whole new revenue stream for you. Check it out!

Amazon Kindle Vella

27 thoughts on “Something New On The Horizon – Kindle Vella

  1. I’ve been planning my serial for about a week. I don’t want to get in the middle of writing and not know where to go. I do want to leave some room to live the dangerous life of a “pantser” (I’m a plotter now), but I have the ending planned, along with about 21 other episodes. My goal is to finish it, get feedback, then take it down and publish it as a finished novel. It could be a page-turning read. But here’s a bit of information: I read on the Kindle Vella Author group on Facebook that one author had 58 episodes of her series downloaded and returned by one reader. She contacted Amazon and didn’t get much of a helpful response. Her whole series was read. 61 episodes (with the free episodes). We’re hoping it’s a glitch KDP will fix. Anyone doing such a thing is obviously stealing. But with my plans, I hope it takes the sting out of it, if it happens to me.

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