Spring Break

Anyone who can’t have fun in Florida, well, something is wrong with them. Fun-loving girls and boys galore on Spring Break makes it an adventure! Cliques immediately spring up and unify at the beach and hotel pools.

Drama eventually unfolds, the police arrive, people lie hard, and some even run home to their mommas. The news which broke out in the middle of the day recently, a scandal, one could say, was unexpected though. No one, for a second, could believe it. 

Apparently, one particular group from the Northeast used a spray tan before coming down to the sunny state.

14 thoughts on “Spring Break

  1. Growing up in South Georgia and spending A LOT of time in Florida, I was always surprised at the antics of spring breakers. Rudeness, so very loud, and basic appalling attitude. And I was their age…

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  2. My sister is disgusted by the spring break revelers. They left all kinds of trash on the beaches and trampled the off limits natural habitat. She was hoping that the 2 week spring break window would be it but so many universities have cancelled their breaks that they are now seeing a constant stream of “Spring Break denied” partiers….
    If only the only scandal was spray tans!

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