He Killed Again

We had to contain the risk of this getting out, or we faced a public catastrophe, like the psychic predicted would happen in her premonitionSilently and solemnly, the officers took their places behind the crime scene tape when the forensic team arrived.

The LAPD had seen several cases of torture previously, but none had created such widespread panic. A quick scan of all the officer’s faces told the Captain there would be no peace until they had apprehended this killer.

Forensics checked for traces of DNA on the remains, hoping for biological stories about the perp. There were none.

19 thoughts on “He Killed Again

  1. ugh, now I’m torn because I ACTUALLY want to continue this and make it a full on story now, lol. Love this, your word usage was perfect and everything felt natural and right in place. Keep these coming.

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    1. LOL Thanks so much for the feedback! I thoroughly enjoy these prompts as it tends to bump up my creativity dramatically. So you can be assured that I will participate for quite a bit longer. 😉


      1. Is there anyway that I can participate in these prompts with you? As in retrieve them from the same source that you do. It looks fun and in trying to get back into writing and posting regularly. This looks like a great way to spark my creative juices as they have for you. 😊

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