the cycle begins, yet again
fresh, healthy and robust beginnings
exciting moves while green
life cycles continue, as always
but getting older bruises a bit
tarnishes us as time goes by
a midlife crisis attempts to snatch youth back
regardless, old age makes its presence known
doom and gloom seems imminent
physical/mental changes more evident
aches and pains more prominent
beginning to know with certainty
our lives won’t go on forever
leaving us almost wishing for the way out
death, the end until the next beginning

20 thoughts on “Weathering

      1. We wind up satisfying our job requirements and end up spending less time with our family. We seem to be slaves to our to-do lists and feel happy accomplishing more things done. We rush everything only to fail experiencing the magic of each moment. So, slow down a bit. Work will overtake our lives and we should not allow it to be a daily race against timeโ€ฆ..Stay safe!โ˜บ๐Ÿ˜„

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