Gabriella Clare Marino – Unsplash

Inspired by Sadje’s What do you see #78 and VJ’s Weekly Challenge – I’m bored

i’m bored!
my teddy bear fell in the toilet!
i’m hungry!
jeffy took my crayons!
i’m thirsty!
mama, my finger is stuck!
sandra poked me!
jeffy hit me!
mommy, the cat looked at me funny!

come darlings
lunch is ready
the kiddie table is set
maybe some wine and a cigarette will calm you two down?

**DISCLAIMER – I’ve never offered toddlers wine or cigarettes.

37 thoughts on “Meltdowns

  1. I loved the complaints! I always heard, “he’s looking at me” and “he’s breathing my air!” Hehe! I think I would have loved to have had a “kid table” when I was young – instead we had to sit with the grown-ups and use table manners….

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      1. Yeah, I think the children in those environments had to get “street smarts” at a much earlier age. We weren’t taken care of properly so we had to take care of ourselves.

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