Reblog – Letting go my company #4 by Hemalatha Ramesh

Very powerful read especially if you know people who suffer from anxiety or have dealt with it yourself. It’s certainly a complicated relationship.


this feeling is something that my words can’t describe,
but I hide them in between every phrases and sentences,
you make my pity heart carry loads of unknown pain,
it beats fast and faster, overworking most of the times.
you are like an anchor,
who holds me tight from moving
you keep dragging me down and down
what falls along with me?
my confidence.
your voice is very loud and puts off my feelings or aggravates it to higher levels,
when people enjoy the tour in train
you make me think what if the train crashes as in the movies,
when they rehearse their speech,
I spend time washing my sweaty hands,
they give me names:
overthinker, disturbed, distressed and so on…
you made my nights longer and deeper,
our love was a game of Jenga;
we are independent, but together we lead to many things.
you’re not a…

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