Wrong Sex

with shame i hide
within the norms of society
disguising, even to myself,
my true desires

our friendship turning romantic
confuses me further
your charisma enchanting me
your song lifting my spirits

what a mind
smart, decisive and creative
your care and concern
envelops me decisively

the air around you
smoothing these edges of mine
adjusting my rough attitude

my mother loves you
as do i
but can this love sustain
with this private dilemma

i think i desire men

This is in response to Val’s request for poetry for National Poetry Month Scavenger Hunt aka NPM 21. The piece above is about a lost love.

17 thoughts on “Wrong Sex

  1. Ah, this is so tragic! Now there will be two bruised souls… I once said to my niece that the worst part is not knowing, not decided – and said that one should make a decision and live it. She came out to her family 2 years later….

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      1. Yeah, it was. I always said that if I could have had a combination of him and the best parts of my ex-husband, that would have been my perfect match. But then I wouldn’t have my oldest son right now. It all works out the way it works out. ๐Ÿ™‚

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