Reblog – A Little Less Cruel by Christo N.

There are many truths in this piece. Life is not for the faint of heart, as they say.

High Seas Clothing

Wedo our best to navigate the problems at hand



In myneckof the woods

We all live lives

Of quiet tragedy

Some more than others it’s true

But spend long enough on planet earth

And something will go wrong

Pray you have the strength


Trauma and turmoil

When the devil strikes

Because no matter who you are

Things can fall apart

In a heart beat

In a day

In a year

And some get so down

They choose to end it

So that it takes hard work

To forgive humanity

To love this imperfect world

With allitsflaws

And it’salsotrue

That once in a blue moon

A man or woman finds peace

Epiphany, Euphoria andEcstasy

Even for just a moment

And that knowing these states are possible

Can get you through

And keep the wolves at bay

Mum said:

Life is 95% hard work

And 5% reallylovely…

Dad said:

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