Feeling Human Book Review by Lisa Tomey!!

Wow, Lisa! What an awesome job in reviewing my book in this format! How cool is it in the way it was presented? I’m honored that she took the time to do this but also to express her thoughts about my collaboration with Terry. Thank you for your kind words, Lisa! Your review tells me that I succeeded in achieving what I set out to accomplish with this book, and for that I am over the moon! In addition, I’m so thrilled that I got to showcase the incredibly artwork of my friend Terry! Her touch added a beautiful, visual dimension to the words expressed. I honestly can’t thank you enough, Lisa! ❀

For anyone interested in getting their own copy, please click here. It is available in paperback and e-book format. The link will show you all the books I’ve published or contributed to. Happy Reading!!

21 thoughts on “Feeling Human Book Review by Lisa Tomey!!

  1. What a fantastic review…. I love this different approach and what a poem! So many fantastic lines and beautiful descriptions of a heart responding to pure love. πŸ’œ

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