The Dark Park – Part 5

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Cherrywood Hospital

“Is he going to be okay?” nodding in Stephens’ direction, Police Chief Adams conveying his concern to the nurse on duty. He asked quietly, not wanting to disturb Stephens resting.”

“Yes, he’ll be fine, but we want to keep him overnight for observation and to make sure he rests. The concussion we suspect he has, if not taken seriously, could have him presenting him with other symptoms. This way, he would get our immediate attention. We’d rather be safe than sorry.” Nurse Parker checked his head wound, adjusted his IV, and made a notation on his chart. “Is there anyone else we should contact for him?”

“No, I’ve got one of my other men letting the family know. They should probably be here shortly. Thanks for taking good care of my man, Nurse Parker.”

The nurse just beamed and was about to say something when Stephens’ family arrived. “You’re welcome, Chief,” as she quickly left the room.

“Thanks for letting us know, Steve. How is he doing?” his wife Linda asked.

“Well, someone hit him over the head so hard he has a severe concussion. They had to stitch him up too. But they think he’s going to be all right. He needs rest for now.” He gave her a short hug to reassure her. “Now, will you excuse me? I’ve got to figure out who did this to him.”

“Sure, sure,” Linda said with gratitude in her eyes. 

Cherrywood Recreation and Entertainment Park

The police chief combed the area for any clues, finding none. Adams scratched his head in confusion but did notice an unfamiliar feeling creeping upon him; he felt as if on high-alert. He suspected this rush of adrenaline was a natural response to the attack. 

He noticed another man approaching, rushing towards him actually, and he had what looked like fire red eyes. Adams immediately placed his hand on his service pistol. He swore he heard something reminiscent of a war cry.

The man charged and left Adams with no other recourse but to shoot. He killed him.


It wasn’t the last time that happened. For the next few months, any person who set foot on the property became filled with rage and hatred. And they took it out on the men, women, and children who visited the park. Approximately 500 residents had either been killed or injured severely. It didn’t take long for the recreation commission to decide to close it to the public.

What the people of Cherrywood didn’t know, the Chenwalk were no longer in the flesh, and they were exacting their revenge on the white man. It took many hundreds of moons, but their reanimated consciousness took shape after the waste had reached their bodies deep in the ground. The tribe remained ever vigilant and protected Washenka. Had it not been for that white man who cursed them, their spirit form would not have a reason to hurt those occupying the land now. In their new ethereal state, they could project their anger into the white men and let them do all the dirty work. 

The Chenwalk people had the last laugh.


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