21 thoughts on “Foreign Destinations

  1. yes indeed, the taj mahal is another marvel all by itself…i would encourage those of you who are yet to see it in person to get set to travel as soon as the situation eases in India…make it happen…you won’t regret it, guaranteed

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  2. The British tried to re-create the Taj mahal in Calcutta, when it was the capital of the British empire. So they built the Victoria memorial, in honour of Queen Victoria and to commemorate 25 years of the British rule in India. If you are planning to come and visit the Taj mahal, you must also plan to come to Calcutta ( Kolkata) to see it’s cousin. There is also another similar monument in Aurangabad….known as Biwi ka maqbaraa…built by Shah jahan’s son, Aurangazeb, in honour of his own queen and trying to emulate his father’s achievement. So the Taj mahal has spawned many a copy, which are worth visiting as well.
    Just a suggestion πŸ™‚

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