Applauding Adversity


I Write Her

I say defiantly success.png


Uttered with recalcitrant anger through gritted teeth; words forcefully arising out of my clenched mouth.

I’ve not let my life, situations, people or anything end me. Yet.

I grant a thank you, of sorts, to the pain played out by substandard friends, broken relationships, betrayals, nature’s force and every disturbing event determined to pierce me in my psyche.

It’s a necessary process, albeit grueling and inconvenient.

Enduring hardships becomes my opportunity to best myself.

I welcome the growth, but I do despise the adversity.

There’s no escape from struggles, or hurt and pain.

The victory gives me just enough strength for the next battle.

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12 thoughts on “Applauding Adversity

  1. Yay! That is an attitude more need to cultivate. Growth is hard and so is adversity but I have to agree that it molds us into better and stronger people. Hope the growth process isn’t wearing you down.

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    1. I think that’s why they called it “old age”. Parts of you just keep breaking down. 😉 But no, I feel like my mind and essence are better for what I’ve been through. 🙂 Thanks, Val!


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