It Doesn’t Care

Hal had me pondering a bit more about this recent piece


It still astounds me
how fast and unforgiving
fate’s hands can be.

How can a life be so
quickly and relentlessly taken…

Without any fucking remorse?

As life comes at us, it certainly does feel like it has no remorse. At times, it feels relentless in providing us one lash of the whip after the other, doesn’t it? Bit of a sadist, I’d also say. After reflection, my answer to the question posed in the piece is simply this…

Nature is an immortal and indiscriminate serial killer.

What do you think? And what does it take to keep on going?

25 thoughts on “It Doesn’t Care

  1. I agree that Nature or Mother Nature as I call her seems immortal but indiscriminate? No, I see her working towards some great plan that we can’t see or understand. All creatures are born, live and die, some like butterflies only live for a day!
    We have to accept the inevitability of death and develop more healthy attitudes towards it. I see it as the end of my life here and the beginning of another stage of my eternal life. Eventually, I think man will hasten the destruction of life on Earth and it will end up like other planets barren or burned up by the sun. Let’s hope that the ending will be the beginning of a New Earth and that man or an enhanced version of man gets it right the second time around. 🙏💙

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  2. Life and death is completely natural although death comes too soon for most of us, i have done my job in life because i have four children and six grandchildren, now i just fill up my days with as much happiness as possible until its my turn to go.

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  3. It’s a difficult question. I think we don’t deal with death in a healthy way in the present time, people live longer than ever before so we fail to acknowledge it then treat it as a taboo subject. As a result of this we are unable to grieve in the way we need to and accept death as an inevitable part of life.

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    1. I agree! Sure there will be sadness from loved ones but the loss is a reminder how cherished their lives were. But ultimately, it’s a normal occurrence if it’s in the case of a long, natural life. In those which are unexpected, even that is a part of life. Accepting that will go a long way towards healing that sadness. It’s out of our control. Thanks for your comment, Ingrid.

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  4. It sure sounds sadistic, but if it wasn’t so the planet won’t be able to sustain any more life. The cycle of death and birth need to continue to there’s life on earth.
    For myself, I know I’ll die one day as did my parents and their parents. And life will still go on and maybe we’ll live in our future generations.

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    1. Excellent point, Sadje! If it weren’t for death and rebirth, we might as well be on a planet with astroturf and plastic flora!

      I’m not afraid of death either, just an unattended and painful one. That would suck. We’ll live on in DNA if we’ve produced children and so on and son. Plus our creativity will hopefully go on. 🙂 Thanks, Sadje!

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