time ticks by second by second
flowing into the next hour
as it leads one to days
days become weeks
weeks turn into years
and years eventually become our end

every being experiences
the components of time
but will they be blessed with romance
or suffer with strife
choosing to engage heartily in joyous emotions
or be reduced to overflowing tears

will they experience all things possible
mentally, physically and emotionally
in the journey they embark on
or will their life’s moments feel like a burden
in the seconds, hours, days, weeks and years
before time has run out

Inspired by Reena’s Exploration Challenge #172 – Components of Time
& Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Romance

32 thoughts on “Passages

  1. Time is our most precious commodity, but too many of us take it for granted. Living with awareness, being in each moment, fully conscious and aware, is the difference between being alive or sleep walking through our days. Thanks for your engaging words.

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