Reblog – Reading to live by ESP

And this is why I love WORDS!!! This poet has clearly articulated what words do to and for us crazy writers/poets/authors AND readers. Enjoy the flow and the truth in this piece. 🙂

ESP rambles...

Like a moth
that finds its flame,
like a lover
in the sweethearts lane,
I read with rapture,
every book that I can.

Every word tells me
that once I am done,
nothing, not even I,
would remain the same.

Every story, and every poem
infects me, contaminates my soul,
and with each a part of me is lost,
in every book I can hear the call,
to let go, to perish and be born again.

It’s not just words
that characters are made of,
but bits and pieces
of me bring them to life,
every image I provide
completes the metaphors,
that the poet had left
unfinished out of strife.

Like a moth that
is now part of the flame,
like a lover ignoring
the world is called insane,
I lose track, become the book,
to discover myself again.

Some fret over life,
the universe and a lack of…

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