Reblog – Take It All In by River Dixon

There’s such a raw feeling to this piece. River takes on a heavy subject and delivers its message so eloquently. It will leave you feeling heavy.

The Stories In Between

We don’t have boulevards to forget

Our dreams lie broken on dirty streets

Nicotine stained fingers prod for meaning

Calloused hands wring out the last

Drops of chance we believed were waiting

Don’t tell me about hope and the possibility

Of what may come

I see it, smell it all around me, the hope

It stares me in the face, around every corner

Hangs from light posts and street signs

Flows through the gutters like paper boats

Made from yesterday’s news

It’s been dropped, thrown, torn to pieces

Left, to drift on the wind

It’s stepped over, walked through, trampled on

Trapped in a cycle of rot and growth

Yes, there’s hope, it’s all around us

But how many are too tired to stop and pick it up

Too weak to carry it, along with everything else

That fills their arms, lives on their backs

Sometimes, we manage to tuck…

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