The Stupid

it’s taken years
decades even
to silence the frustration within me
fomented by the uneducated, misinformed and willfully ignorant

the things they say are detrimental
to our well-being and existence on this planet
cohabitation with those who wish us harm
is not the kind of world i want to live in

they wouldn’t know an informed decision
even if it came up and introduced itself
no progressive action stands a chance in the hands of the stupid
as they continue to breed disinformation

while i fear for our future
i’m learning to let go of unproductive anger
and turning off the desire to engage
or even trying to educate a non-existent intellect

they are beyond help
they are the die-hard ignorant amongst us
i will leave it to the professionals
to change their minds and hearts

11 thoughts on “The Stupid

      1. For a long time so much emphasis has been put on individual liberty, we have virtually legislated ourselves into isolation. Then the churches step in to provide community, which is what we should have legislated in the first place.

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  1. I agree. However there is a distinction between the stupid and the ignorant. Being ignorant is a state of not having been taught where stupid is a state of being incapable of learning. It is easy to change the ignorant into informed persons but it is futile to attempt it with the truly stupid (and there may be a few stupid among the ignorant). Still I agree that it is frustrating and irritating to be surrounded by stupid people and I should know being from the sorry state that claims former VP Pence as one of ours…

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