Embodiment Of Self

Alexandra Mirgheș – Unsplash

Inspired by Suzette B’s Blog – A Supreme Self

Suzette gave me one of those opportunities that I thoroughly relish: examining someone else’s thoughts and re-examine my own previously held views. Thank you, Suzette. 

And this is why I thoroughly LOVE the WP Community! Isn’t this what life is about?

While I agree with the quote she posted, a question arose for me. How do we get there? From what I see around our world, people are either worshipping something outside of themselves or do not even have the slightest idea that they have it within them. And in between, others are working towards more understanding.

For me, this is indeed the happy place we are trying to reach. It feels like it would be a place of peace and calm. Where our supreme self exists and allows itself to express to everyone, the people that I’ve encountered in my life who seem in agreement, this is where I have felt the most ease. But maybe it’s more of the idea that they have accepted me? Because I know that many of those I am close to still struggle with issues themselves. My comment on her piece was merely to explain what I felt would be what that would actually look and possibly feel like…

The place within us that has forgiven all the hurts, remembers all the joy,
and knows itself honestly and completely.

Do I, myself, or others achieve it 100% of the time? Hell no! But I would think it should be the end goal. Your thoughts?

14 thoughts on “Embodiment Of Self

  1. I believe that all my life I have sought knowledge from books, teachers, mentors and more recently-Google! Lol 😆
    Seriously I now believe that all the answers to my questions can be found within. However, to get to the divine within (supreme self)one has to overcome the ego. This is the barrier to enlightenment.
    You have to lose your fear and that is not an easy thing to do. Remember when you were in any number of situations how fear magnified the situation? Your ego gave you lots of scenarios over what would happen if you chose the course of action that deep down inside of you; you knew was the right thing to do.
    Life is overcoming ego and finding the divine within and to do that requires a lot of hard work. Like you some days I do it, some days I don’t, but I accept that as part of life’s rich pattern.


    1. I love Google, even added them to the acknowledgments section of my first book. LOL

      Yep, we need to be able to set aside our ego and fear to find truth. But it is definitely worth doing!

      Thanks for stopping and commenting, Carolyn! ❤


  2. What a lovely post Susi! I agree with you that the people around me that seem to arrive at that internal settled peace are content with the thoughts and expressions of others, so much so that one feels totally at ease in their aura (presence) Thank you for the pink back too. You are most kind. Happy day to you. Cheers💖

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