Reblog – Fall by Steph J. Millz

Is restoration ever possible? This piece highlights the depths we go to and quite possibly never recover from.

New Beginnings

Nothing has been the same since you left.

I am far from myself.

Trying to be things I feel I cannot.

It isn’t what you would want from me.

You knew the real me. You had accepted it with open arms & wanted me to stay that way. It was something that should have been so easy to do.

In fact it was.

But it was not easy for me somehow.

Incompetent I am for failing to do a simple task.

How I wish I could revert to that last time we spoke. Had I known it would be the final time, my words would be rearranged to keep you. To give myself a final chance to prove myself.

Every time I look back I that day, I consider it one of my biggest failures.

Because time after that has me filled with so much regret for all of my…

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