The Passageway – Part 5

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Dr. Morton looked into their eyes with as much sincerity as he could muster. If they only knew how good his gaslighting skills were. Well, of course, they wouldn’t know that because they didn’t know him at all. Based on their reactions, he was convincing enough. The students must never know what had happened to them; otherwise, it would ruin all his precious plans. Well, that and the objectives of his planet.

“But Dr. Morton, all of us remember exactly what happened to us, and attending that lecture was a part of that day!” Deborah stared at him in disbelief. Oliver couldn’t believe what he was hearing, and John seemed in shock as well.

“I’m sorry, guys, here look at my schedule,” grabbing his spiral planner and handing it to them. “I did not have any lectures about NDEs on that day!”

They all went back and forth for quite a bit, but Deborah, Oliver, and John left feeling defeated, unsure, and stunned. Dr. Morton pretended to be as frustrated as he could. Finally, they all said their goodbyes and left.

“Maybe it was all a dream, and we all just reinforced each other?” said John. Deborah wasn’t ready to believe that, though.

“But John, come on, be realistic! That’s even more bizarre that we all had the same collective dream, but all had different experiences?” She was getting frustrated.

“What else could it be? Give me one good reason why Dr. Morton would lie, Deborah?”

“Well, I just don’t know anything anymore,” said Oliver. “Right now, I’d be willing to drop it because frankly, I have better things to worry about. Would either of you please drop me off at my apartment?” He was ready not to be dealing with this situation any further.

Dr. Morton watched them arguing in the courtyard after they left his office. It seemed to him they bought it. Good, now I can get started on the next class, he thought to himself. 

Since he managed to get Oliver’s eyes and a kidney each from John and Deborah to his people, he only needed a few more body parts to assist the breeders on his planet. When he retrieved the last organs, he would return through the passageway to his world. Dr. Morton was looking forward to his stint on Earth to be over. The human suit was not comfortable for him, nor did he like earthlings.

The inhabitants of Kritung, the planet he was from, were almost extinct because those responsible for the new lives were dying. Their only hope was finding donors to revitalize the breeders. After many years of searching the galaxy, they discovered Earth and realized the solution to their problem. And just in time. They needed to harvest some of the human’s organs and quickly. Dr. Morton would return a global hero!

He smiled at that thought and quickly got to work, selecting the next students. “My spousal unit will be so proud,” he spoke out loud with glee.


Thanks so much for your support of this series! See you next month!

20 thoughts on “The Passageway – Part 5

      1. That ending was awesome. Since the moment the Professor acted like he never talked about near death experiences in his class, first I thought “Maybe he has some kind of memory issue. But then, it got intriguing. That was great. I’m not a reader, but your story captivated my attention. Thank you, Susi.

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