The Passageway – Part 2

Part 1

John Hopkins HospitalThe day of the horrific accident

The scene was mass hysteria after the car rammed full-force into the coffee shop. People scattered as far from the destruction as possible, except Deborah, John, and Oliver. Their bloodied bodies lay lifeless at the scene. When the dust settled, people in the area started towards the shop to help where they could. The police and EMTs arrived shortly after, asking the growing crowd to stay back to let everyone do their jobs. It was like a war zone. Heard from the wounded were frantic yells and cries but also from those spared from the carnage. 

The EMTs immediately transported Deborah, John, and Oliver’s bruised and battered bodies to the hospital. The nurses and doctors in the ER bays were working frantically to address their injuries. All three had required resuscitation at the scene, and no one thought they would survive as their vitals were so weak. But there was hope when their hearts started beating, barely.

And then they all flat-lined again.

Deborah opened her eyes to see she was drifting up above her body. There was no pain, no discomfort, and no fear. The scene below her was intense as she could see the doctors and nurses working diligently on her body. They used paddles to start her heart but weren’t successful. She clutched her chest and realized there was no heartbeat, yet she was oddly at peace. Deborah noticed that the room was excruciatingly bright and turned to find the source of the light. She needed to know what it was and understand why she felt immense comfort and warmth. The surreal glow behind her didn’t make her squint; it was inviting her to get closer. She chose to investigate. Deborah felt like she was dancing on a white haze. Each step forward effortless. But she only got to experience a few minutes because then everything went black for her.

John was on edge and tense as he awoke into his nightmare. Flames were licking his body, the sound of gnashing teeth was intensely loud, and many screams pierced his eardrums. Hot and intense fires surrounded him; he felt only excruciating pain. The last thing he remembered was drinking coffee and laughing. 

OMG, I’m in hell! he thought, panic setting in as his pain level increased. He immediately began to pray. And scream. He was in agony for what seemed an eternity. Then the world around him just suddenly ceased to exist.

Oliver’s situation was dire. After his heart stopped for the second time, the doctors worked furiously to resuscitate him. Everything they tried – paddles, epinephrine, atropine, even cracking his chest to pump his heart manually. Nothing was working. The medical staff assumed that his injuries were just too severe, and as they approached the 15-minute mark of medical intervention, they knew they’d probably have to call time of death.

Then all of a sudden, a nurse screamed, “He’s got a sinus rhythm!” They kept going with their efforts to stop the bleeding and maintaining his heartbeat. Everyone in that ER bay was smiling and relieved. 

Oliver began to open his eyes, but everything was dark.


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