Fighting for Strength


I Write Her

exhausted-151822_960_720 I roll with the punches life sets in motion.

It’s a game of playing distraction, usually.
Too much heat, and steely determination to overcome the struggle follows.
But I’m tired. I’m unsure. And I’m empty.

This game called life seems to weigh me down hard at all the wrong times.
Wish it could choose to pick the battles with me.
Stop just heaping one more thing on the pile.

Life, it’s not the best time to interfere yet again.

I feel like a resident in an understaffed hospital starting on hour 36 of my shift.
Numb from crisis and sleep-deprivation, handling one chaos after another like a zombie.
My reality is raging with every emotion on the spectrum.

Failing to process any now. I just can’t breathe.

It’s never-ending. I feel like giving up.

People don’t help.
They peek in and stare, then move on.
The expectation is you’ll be…

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