The Passageway – Part 1

Dr. Morton’s lecture at John Hopkins University

“Today, we are going to be delving into the proposition of Near-Death Experience or NDE. I’m sure many of you have heard about them but none have a first-hand account. And if you have, please do raise your hand.” He said it with a smile. With his head down, his eyes positioned above his glasses, Dr. Morton quickly scans the room anyway. No one has their hand up. “Good, so let’s begin.”

His lecture had run slightly longer than an hour when he dismissed them, cutting into their lunchtime. Dr. Morton apologized, most students not caring as they walked out the door.

Deborah, John, and Oliver decided to head to CafΓ© Alkimia for a bit of a break and indulge in some excellent coffee and nibbles. They didn’t have another class until later that afternoon.

“That was some pretty fascinating information, don’t you think?” said Deborah, removing her coat and getting situated in one of the three comfortable brown leather chairs off to the side. They’d decided on the quieter corner while getting their food and drink. “I’m looking forward to learning more, aren’t you guys?” she said with a huge smile.

John plopped down ungraciously, almost toppling his coffee, “Oh, yeah, totally,” he said. Oliver gave a big thumbs up in agreement. He’d just taken a big sip of his coffee, while trying to manage the things in his hands and positioning them on the table. He finally sat down.

“I’m looking forward to the case studies. That has to be better than just getting the statistics,” Oliver finally managed to say. Deborah shook her head slightly, in agreement.

John spoke up, “Yeah, while the stats gave me a better understanding of the phenomenon, the case studies will be much more interesting. The backgrounds of the individuals might contribute to them even having NDEs, don’t you think?” Deborah and Oliver agreed. “Oh, for sure,” they said in unison. They all looked at each other and cracked up with laughter.

“I’m so glad we all ended up in the same class, guys,” said Deborah, a big grin plastered on her face. “You two have made my college experience a blast so far. Us liking the same foods, the same music, having the same taste in people, and our love for reading. Oh, I could go on.” She looked at them both with gratitude.

“Please, do dear Deborah! You know how much I love praise!” said John, laughing heartily. “Numero Uno full of himself man seeks attention!”

“I feel the same, Deborah. This school year rocks because of you two!” Oliver uttered profusely. He was in 100% agreement.

All three continued talking about the class and rehashing the latest gossip on campus. They didn’t immediately notice the far off roaring of a car’s engine barreling its way towards the CafΓ©. When the students’ screams got louder, they all turned to see the front end of a red Camaro at the shop’s window. Just then the realization that they were right in the trajectory of the vehicle crossed their faces.


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