Blue Turtle ComiX Collaboration!

I might as well share some more good news since I’m really kinda back already. LOL

Matt Snyder, creator of the The Prolific Potpourri blog, also notable for his Blue Turtle ComiX invited me to collaborate him. Having never done this type of writing, I wasn’t sure if I would do it justice but I happily accepted and this comic is what he produced. So freakin’ cool! Enjoy!

Blue Turtle ComiX: NYEΒ 2021

Also ifΒ ANYONEΒ is interested in collaborating with me on this comic or anything else, hit me up at

24 thoughts on “Blue Turtle ComiX Collaboration!

  1. I’m glad we worked on this together. I’m finding my voice with this comic through other writers. It’s been a joy and I hope we can do it again sometime. Thanks for the compliments on the style. Simple yes but absolutely cute. You all rock in expressing the ❀

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