20/20 doesn’t mean what it used to
hope was sucked out of our beings
drowning us in metaphorical waters
the despair vibrated in the gasps of the dying

can we recover…

politics, and the anger it fueled
climate change, and the natural disasters which ensued
sickness, and the devastation that followed
all of it ravaged the land, the body and the heart

i hope we can recover…

but there are stronger ones among us
survivors, come what may
we’ll need to lean on them
or forever lose our way

we can recover…

Thanks to my hubs for the title of this piece! I’d wanted to write one final piece about the year 2020 but hadn’t found what I would call an acceptable way to lead into it. Recently, while having a discussion, I misspoke trying to utter the word “situation.” Great discussion and a title was born!

34 thoughts on “Shituation

  1. Yes Susi, we will recover…

    “Afternoon Moonbeams”

    time beckons
    second after second

    years fly by
    over sea and sky

    love gleams
    between moonbeams and sunbeams

    love thrives
    from beehive to beehive

    life rebounds
    leaps and bounds

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    1. I saw something recently that said “You will die of old age, we will die from climate change.” So yeah, I think the planet will recover but unless we change our ways, we and our “human” future will not.

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