Joni Caggiano

Nature Changes 

Hearts of love hang by spider silk, painting the rust-colored leaves,
shedding old clothes as dying flowers bid goodbye to bees.
Impatient is the fall wind, causing green to intermingle with the color brown.
We are watching the movement of the last squirrels digging holes in the ground.
Kisses fall from the sky from migrating birds as they say their goodbyes.
My soul spins restless, as I imagine nature, cutting so many gorgeous ties.
Yearning as I watch this from inside our bedroom, my love, this silent picture show
Seasons together have been our treasure, our love, continuing to change and grow.
Passion like a blanket of red starlings covers us inside, as we see the shadows chill.
God is painting his earth for another season; how blessings come with his will.
Your mouth is warm, and your smile inviting, oh darling, like a flute you play me.
Blue tears fall down my cheeks, my spirit is alive, so thankful, it is I, you see.

Lost Love 

How can I begin to soothe the covers of the bed with my sad tears?
I thought we would pave a path of red stone throughout the years.

Can’t you hold me, my love, just one more time so I can see white?
Please breathe me in like you can, just for one more delicious night.

Half a person when you are not with me, I am lost in a sea of sorrow.
I cannot bear the dream or the truth of such a loveless tomorrow.

The weight of my burdens without you are just too much to bear.
Music no longer plays its notes for me, but you no longer care.

Did I forsake the waves of the sea or the love that I gave to thee?
I shall turn to liquid, for without you love, I just no longer wish to be.

When you find the puddle of orange on the floor, don’t be sad,
You gave me a glimpse of what love is like and what I have had.

If you return, place me in a jar and my light will be your beacon.
My heart will shine bright and for you, my light will never weaken.

The Lighthouse 

your song plays and tiptoes inside my loving head
erasing any static in the air, with your pleasing voice
your sound stills my watch’s long blue arms, stopping time
four months have gone since you left on a fishing boat
now only the brooding sea life is here to cry tears for me
darling, in the lighthouse, I still await for your return as
waves crash and melt upon the rocks, and icicles hang
a white bird dies as he hits the thick wall of lighthouse glass
I plant red water lilies in our tub and hum your song
inside the warmth of the water, with your voice within my heart
waiting until I become a purple lily in this garden, for I shall grow
my eyes will be still, but you will join me, and you will know
we are your song, my love,
 and in this lighthouse,
 it was always so


Joni’s blog is the-inner-child, where she has published poetry, photography, and short stories. Take a look at Joni’s work in Spillwords Press NYC, Vita Brevis Press, and The Finest Example. Her blog – The Inner Child – is an effort to give back – she is a surviving Adult Child of Alcoholics. Joni is a retired nurse and paralegal.


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23 thoughts on “Joni Caggiano

  1. Good Lord, this is such a rich, full, beautiful journey!!! Epic. I’m still lost in it and will be as I walk away…which is a lovely gift You’ve given, beautiful Joni. You went everywhere in this!!! Thank You for this bounty. Sigh. ❤️❤️❤️ And Thank You, Susi, for publishing!!! AMAZING. ❤️

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