A Rough Start


Inspired by Sadje’s What do you See #61

momma told me to shut up
shut down
be seen
not heard

her upbringing
never changed her course
me fighting against it
challenging always

eventually giving in
becoming what she
and others wanted
evolved out of myself

good friends
great mentors
life experience
i finally listened to the voice in my being


24 thoughts on “A Rough Start

  1. Wonderful! Women tend to be asked or forced to conform much more often than the males. It starts young and never really lets up. I think we find ourselves at different times and ages. Seems that when we do we always blossom and become beautiful.

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      1. It was when I tuned 40! We live in a conforming culture so I was the one always in dread of doing something wrong. When I turned 40, my mother’s youngest sister, who is just 9 years my senior gave me this priceless advice; after 40 you should stop giving a damn about what people think or say about you. Do your own think. I’ve adhered to this advice since then. Very liberating.

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