Reblog – Avoiding The Truth by Rahul Gaur

Fear, shame, and angst very often precede withheld truths between couples. Rahul has captured the scenario of hampered intimacy so well with this piece! Enjoy the masterful imagery and hauntingly accurate words. πŸ™‚

You can read more at Smoke Words Every Day.

I operate in unwritten words
The silences the glitter and the bursts
The moment before the click
The dawn before it tricks night
into losing the battle of sight
I operate in the ashes of the cigarette
that hurt the knuckle of her hands
The gentle desperation of solitude
that a thud of the door leaves behind

The tip of her tongue holds
the makings of a regret
I catch it in her hesitation
The downside of baring our souls
was the ability to read each others minds
You look at the door I look at you
I click one last picture
to leave you in your desperate solitude

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