The Little Red Suitcase – Part 4

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Ailsa’s Apartment – Saturday 3 PM

Without any sound or intrusive movements, Ailsa’s suitcase bubble immediately appeared on her bedroom floor. Once situated solidly, she unlatched the case and stepped out. Gathering her dirty clothes, she lofted them into her hamper. She pulled her black essentials bag out and checked the level of her lotions, perfume, and make-up to ensure there was enough for the next visit. She filled the bottles, dropped the little black bag in the suitcase and then proceeded to push it under her bed.

Ailsa’s head was definitely back in the US as her first thought was that it was time for PJs and a cup of coffee. If only she’d purchased some of the Parisian coffee while she was there. The rich brew was such a highlight during her stay. Oh well, she decided, she’d get some the next time she went to France. Maybe sooner rather than later since it would still be beautiful for the next few months. 

She moseyed towards the kitchen to brew the coffee, which would help combat the mid-afternoon blahs she felt coming on. Once her steaming cup was in front of her, a small snack as well, she pulled out her pencil and travel journal. She wanted to put down some thoughts and details about her visit, then plan the following week’s trip. Flipping to the Paris, France entry she’d created, she proceeded to write everything down. The front of her journal held the long bucket list of adventures, almost a year’s worth of trips planned. It grew every time she ran across information about another exciting place to visit. Her goal was to be able to see every one of those destinations before she died. Ailsa knew that traveling would become a daily event once she retired from her job. That was the only reason she busted her butt so much, sometimes working 60+ hours/week. She anticipated leaving the rat race at 50 years of age, leaving her still healthy and vibrant enough to travel extensively.

Next week’s adventure was a visit to Cape Town, South Africa, but having just talked about her place of conception with the attendant in Paris, she decided to visit the island of Aisla Craig instead. A while ago, she’d found out that it was owned by The Marquess of Ailsa and had become a bird sanctuary. The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds was leasing the island until 2050. The weather channel indicated that it should be pleasant, but she would continue to check throughout the week. This way if the weather got bad, she’d implement her backup plan. But the possibility of going thrilled her immensely. It would be so peaceful and scenic with it being closed down to the public. Ailsa thought back to the last time she’d camped out. It was fun “roughing it”, as she recalled. Hopefully, everything would fit in her suitcase.


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25 thoughts on “The Little Red Suitcase – Part 4

    1. The consensus was unexpected and also a little fun as Sadje pointed out. You know, I was thinking the same thing. I feel like there could be way more to this story. 🙂 Thanks for reading, Val!


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