The Little Red Suitcase – Part 1

After dropping the keys on the stand in her apartment’s entrance, Ailsa made her way to the bedroom. She took a long deep breath, happy to be done with the workweek, ready for her adventure to begin. She smiled to herself, knowing it would be fun. TGIF!

Ailsa pulled her little red suitcase out from under the bed, clicking the latch open. She marveled how it didn’t look a day over brand new. Even being at least 50 years old, this precious gift from her parents was barely scuffed. To herself, she uttered – Thank you, Mom and Dad, best present ever! For a moment, Ailsa got sad. She wished they were still with her to share in all the travels they bestowed upon her. It would have made the trips she’d taken even better if she could talk about the joy she experienced. But the tragic car accident two years ago when they were visiting Scotland – their homeland – changed everything. While her travels were still delightful, she didn’t have her parents in her life anymore to relay her stories to. And she couldn’t talk to other people because no one could know about the suitcase. That was the only condition in receiving this gift; Ailsa had promised her parents she would never tell anyone.

A small drop escaped her right eye, and snapping herself out of it, she thought to herself – nope, don’t go there. She forced herself in the direction of her closet to pick out what she needed, then next, packing her clothes.

Her little black bag containing the necessities for an overnight visit lay within the suitcase already. Now, what else to bring, she thought to herself. What does one wear to the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre? She decided on something comfortable and casual but nicely put together for the sightseeing on Saturday. Ailsa decided that a lovely little black cocktail dress would do the trick for dinner at the hotel this evening. She’d look quite fetching in it, she decided.

The weather promised to be sunny and comfortable, as all her trips were. Every place on her bucket list had to happen during the pleasant months of late Spring and Summer. She always thoroughly investigated every destination beforehand to ensure it. Cold weather was a turnoff for her. Ailsa had to get her fill of the sun, having given her all to her job. Every day, she conducted her work in a window-less office under the fluorescent bulbs. It was draining, and she was usually exhausted when she got home. So for traveling, this is why a comfortable temperature was a pre-requisite. It’s what gave her back a bit of sanity, leaving her feeling restored.

One last check of what she’d packed and a quick look in the mirror eyeing her lipstick, going through her mental checklist making sure not to forget anything, Ailsa grabbed the last thing she would need – her purse – and then stepped into the suitcase, closing it on top of her.


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