Reblog – The problem is…

That last line says it beautifully. Time is precious!


The problem is, we think we have time

We think we have time to create this fairytale version of our lives in our head that will never be a reality

We create our soulmates and our life plans without so much as brushing up on the real life facts ahead

We create relationships and friendships and enemies alike

We portray visions in our heads of the perfect family tree

But truth is, time is running out along with our distorted versions of what we live for

The trouble with time is we always think there’s more

When in fact it is the very opposite

Living second to second in a shadow that is ourselves

We make these storybook endings and spend so much time looking for them, that we waste precious time picking up pieces that were never there to begin

Time- both Everything and nothing

Yet priceless and the…

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