Recently, my dear friend, Chuck, posted about The Magic Power of Words, which prompted me to comment…

“It took me years to become a writer. I didn’t know what I wanted to be when I grew up until I was in my late 40s but what finally pushed me in that direction was finally understanding what I loved so much – words – how they sounded, their definitions, how I enjoyed forming sentences or thoughts and what made music and reading so special to me. I had been in love with words all my life. It was time to honor them.”

… and he later asked me to expound on those thoughts. Interestingly, I had already created a draft to do precisely that! I will happily double down on the view that words are special and wonderful and every positive adjective out there – in other words, they are indeed magic to me! But I will also compliment my friend on putting into words for himself how divine words are—then capping off his last sentence with the title and intention of his blog – sublime!

Furthermore, I felt it was important to delve deeper into the subject on a more emotionally-evoking aspect of it for me, and purely because words are that exciting. I see many new blogs on WordPress, where it feels like the commitment to writing and using those precious words well is lacking in the presentation of their work. I’m not just talking about me being a Grammar Nazi (which, at heart, I am) but just taking words and placing them willy-nilly without any forethought to whether they rightly belong in that order or in that thought process. It feels like massive disrespect to those words I hold so dearly. Add to that, they sadly also don’t care enough to spell them correctly, in the right context, or even in a flow that makes sense. It diminishes the glow I feel that words deserve to be bathed in.

Now, I’m fully prepared to be called out that reading is subjective, and maybe the things I’ve mentioned here, another writer could feel about my pieces – I’m not perfect, I do make mistakes in my writing, and gotten called out about it to which I happily thank them. What I’m referring to primarily is a gross misunderstanding of how to write a coherent thought. Words are meant to deliver information about the subject matter, concept, or story idea – not take away from the purpose of what those definitions are relating. Sadly, I’ve read many who, as I said, don’t seem to be that committed to pulling off a sound thought. That makes me sad because I revere words. I hope that we all remember how unique and magical words are, letting this opinion and concern of mine be recognized the next time a post begins to percolate in a writer’s brain.

Thanks for reading! Comments and/or slap downs encouraged. 😉

18 thoughts on “Words

  1. When English is not someone’s first language I just look past the syntax mistakes, when I have time, I like to write poetry in Spanish and hope Spanish speakers will forgive my mistakes. However, when you first language is English I think words are magic too. I love the authenticity of people’s writing. Some blogs I find exasperating because they are a regurgitation of someone else’s work. Be original I say create your own words on your blog. I am all for re-blogging though. Thanks for writing something else that resonates with me.

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    1. Absolutely, I get that and definitely take it into consideration when I’m reading. Exactly, I want to hear “their voice” in what they write but if it is not coherent, how can I relate? I’m glad it resonates with you, Carolyn!


  2. My own grammar and sentence making is not free of flaws so I don’t comment on what mistakes others make. But one thing I do really appreciate is that the thoughts be presented clearly. It makes reading so much fun if you can get what the writer is saying the first time.

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    1. Yes, clarity is the right word! I also don’t generally point out any mistakes unless its asked of me. Chuck inspired me to express what makes digesting words a pleasure, and I hope I’ve not hurt any feelings by saying what stops that from happening. Again, I feel like we are kindred spirits, Sadje. 🙂

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