Will As A God


we all ponder what is truth
not one of us with the same outlook
theories or hypothesis’
as varied as the lives which surround us

haven’t we all witnessed people
who have such a zest that life never seems to end
and have written a multitude of stories over the norm
possessing a zeal which feels absent in us
accomplishments being even fewer

and those at the end of a relatively long life saying “it’s enough”
with a need or a want to move on
having endured so much hardship and pain
just wanting it over with

or those who just plod along
living relatively simple
but meaningful, loving lives
contributing a harmony of sorts

if god is life and life is nature and nature dictates our decisions
then maybe it’s the sheer will to remain alive
that what drives us should guide us
deciding our ultimate purpose or names this so-called god we want to prove

this belief of having a much-needed pull
for when the chips are down
something we engage with
when it’s all too much

i would submit that sheer will is supreme
this internal force is a pressure to endure
and can be what rules us
wow, what a concept to get behind

they say you can manifest what you want
yeah, but not without effort
i would submit you are your own god
and that god is will

These thoughts were inspired by this conversation about belief systems between Ricky Gervais and Russell Brand. The bit about it starts at approximately 33:40, but feel free to listen to it in its entirety as it was an interesting conversation.

19 thoughts on “Will As A God

  1. The first line is a bit of a stretch. Trump has never pondered “what is truth” in his life, and his followers are blind to it. But now that he’s “won the election,” maybe he has seen the light. It’s a miracle!

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  2. Susi I find this very interesting, and very moving. So much so that it made me cry. I know the truth of this. It is WILL that gets us through, and I know this from experience. I am fortunate enough to have an iron will. I really don’t know about God. But I truly can see your argument that Wilmis God and God is Will. I like it. Sometimes our will fails us, or beco es exhausted however. And then we really have to dig deep. And somehow or other we mostly findbthe strength, and I believe that that is because of the life force within us that is SO strong. I love this post Susi xx

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    1. Oh, no! I didn’t mean to make you cry. A good cry, I hope? So glad that it resonated with you, Lorraine. It felt good to reason this thought process through, then having it “land” well in my consciousness. It feels like it answered a few deep questions I’ve had for a bit. πŸ™‚

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      1. Oh Susi, no, not a bad cry at all. It was at the fact that someone else saw it like me. We tend to get all this God stuff and other things too, when in actual fact it IS down to our own will. My tears were at finding a kindred spirit, for I don’t think many see it that way. I am so glad you posted it xx

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