An American Conflict – Part 5

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Hang on to your hats, ladies and gentlemen – the ending presented here today will be wild, happy and as requested, the author’s choice!


2 PM – July 8th, 2025 – Oklahoma City, OK

**Live Stream from the White House – President Kamala Harris**

“My fellow Americans, the group responsible has come forward and proclaimed their involvement in the grid take-down in the state of Texas. The previously unknown terrorist organization – The Rapture on Earth Group (ROEG) – contacted the White House just a few hours ago to inform us of their involvement. We now understand this was not a foreign entity but rather a home-grown grassroots American Terrorist organization. They claim to be in harmony with nature by eschewing technology and believing that we must save our environment through any means necessary. Their lives are modeled after survivalist living while they cling to extreme pro-life stances and flat-earth evangelism. 

This administration is doing everything in its power to bring them to justice. The group has maintained anonymity by literally being off the grid, not just until recently but since its inception. What I mean by that is there have been no paper trails of any kind. There are no digital footprints to be followed that we have been able to detect. In other words, they have existed old-school as in way before technology. But fear not, good old fashioned detective work is bringing us closer to their identities and locations. I promise it will not take much longer to find their whereabouts or determine how the grid breakdown occurred or how the explosions were implemented. They will be caught. They will be stopped. I tell you earnestly that life will resume in Texas quicker than expected. Believe me when I say, yes, every Texan and every person in the United States can feel safe again. I give you my word. 

Now, as to Texas and the progress we are making there. The entire state’s residents can expect to have their power restored in the next three days. In keeping with its promise to move forward towards energy independence and no longer be bound to fossil fuels, the US government has found the company to not only do that but get us there a lot quicker than ever thought possible. Even though this crisis has created a lot of chaos and disrupted American lives, thankfully no deaths, it has given us the capability to advance what is best for this state and our country. Furthermore, we are talking to all the state Governors about this incredible new technology, which will enable to meet even more goals of clean energy in our nation. You can expect to see rapid changes across the country, and hopefully, across the world.

My dear Americans, what felt like a considerable set-back happening to our nation on July 4th, this has proven to have a silver lining where we can take our country to greater heights. The good news is we are saving our planet too. This is truly an extraordinary time.

As always, Vice-President Ocasio-Cortez and I strive to do what is best for our country and its people, offering the most rational, reasoned, and sane resolutions to the problems we face, and not just in times of crisis but every day. This administration will protect you and ensure that your lives are free to live to the best of your ability.

I wish you all peace and a good rest of the afternoon. God Bless.”

Tess and Dale were happy to hear President Harris’s announcement, Jennifer and Harold, not so much.


Thanks so much for your patience and for voting! See you next month!

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