Reblog – I want to dance with you by John Coyote

Enjoy the rekindling of romance in this sweet piece! 🙂


(Easy life and quiet death-Sir Walter Scott)

(We poets in our youth begin with gladness; but there off in the end despondency and sadness.         -Wordsworth)

I want to dance with you tonight

Sober days and nights led us to places of loneliness. Two people sharing one house with locked doors, not enough words spoken and love forgotten.

Once we were young and fearless. I couldn’t live without your kiss and your embrace. Once your voice and touch made me believe love was alive and forever. We held love like a delicious pain.

Today I watched you. Us sitting together without conversation. Cell phones and tire mind accepting life as-is. I told you, honey, dear and my pretty lady. We need to depart this grave of our home and find some song. I want you in your red dress and red shoes. I need your evil smile…

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