Reblog – Bloggers Support Plan 😄 by Manjul

What a wonderful way to support fellow bloggers!! Please read!

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Hello everybody🙋!!! Hope you all are keeping in good health and are staying safe wherever you are.

So today’s post is something different I mean its neither a regular relatable situations post nor its a sketch post then what is it all about???

Okay so I have come up with a small plan which hopefully would be quite beneficial for both of us. It is the “Weekly Bloggers Support Plan”. Where me as well as other bloggers can easily some to know about your blog posts and the link to your blogs. Don’t worry this plan is free of cost you just need to follow some simple steps given below👇

I understand initially when we start blogging it becomes quiet difficult to reach out other bloggers.

Justsimply follow the given format below :

1. Name of your blog
2. Link to your blog
3. What is your blog all about

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