24 thoughts on “How We Do

      1. As do I! I know the older I have gotten, especially. Working from home has certainly helped a great deal to that end. Definitely more peace of mind than before when I worked out in the “rat race.”

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  1. Amen, I dialed into “go slow to go faster.” It’s more expansive, and actually, counter-intuitively, much more productive… especially because I stop to notice the sprouts of new work. Sometimes now I have to speed it up to not get inundated with new, potential projects coming up in the garden. They are not weeds to be yanked by the roots, though next-gen gigs. I simply started a list. It’s amazing when a Word doc list starts to turn into a hefty file.

    “living on the edge
    a harried path towards death
    why is hectic prized.” (?)

    Wonderfully stated, and I couldn’t agree more. I lived on deadline fo decades. Yes, deadlines create urgency, and urgency breeds results, as things are consolidated… pressurized into identity and are brought into being. Though, there also comes a time when the Soul Gardener says, “If you tell your Dahlias to hurry, they will laugh at you… that is if you already haven’t gone too far in that mickey-mouse go-go-go Bullshit.” I like that my SouL Gardener Cusses, even if it’s a manure reference from amending the soil..

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      1. I would say it “appears” more productive, though then I see people “finishing” to check off boxes on their task outline, and then having to go back and re-do, or actually complete the work that was indicated to be finished. There’s a certain presenteeism to “oh look how fast I was,” which often equates to skipping stones, though never dropping into the depths.

        So, no, it doesn;t get us what we want. I see being productive via being hectic as some, “Mom, watch me dive. Mom, MAWM!” Kinda thing. where on the flip-side sustainable productivity, always complete and never finished, though issuing at acceptable more-than-substantial completion makes for prolific. And, prolific + Silence and proper and natural timing does get us what we want. Quality work that stands. IMHO.

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      2. Right, just provide lots of stuff. I go the quality route. Sometimes high in the tach gearing fast jetting through the chicanes, sometimes turtle pace. Depends on the piece and what its heartbeat resonates with, and as well my own..

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