Spiders And Challenges

Oh, look. A spider on the wall of my shower.
He doesn’t look scared of me. But maybe he’s petrified.
I wonder why he’s still staring, ballsy-like. Makes me think
it’s in his nature, survival above all else.

Got me to ponder further, about humans.
We probably react the same way – stay stuck in place or be primed for action.
Challenges to overcome are just opportunities to tackle life.
If we can, that is.

Now, I’m not a fan of the arachnoids,
so I think I’ll force a standoff as I already have the showerhead in hand.
Water should do the trick nicely, as I slowly begin to aim in its direction.
The spider propels towards the tub on its silken thread like a professional.

Not today, Mr. Spider! Not in my shower or anywhere!
A wave of water forces him down the drain.
Let the showering commence until the soap suds are gone.
Oh, look. The spider was tougher than I thought as I watch him climb up out of the drain.

Life’s like that sometimes.
Good thought as I head out to start my day.
Take no shit, keep going.
Thanks, Mr. Spider!

25 thoughts on “Spiders And Challenges

  1. It must be the time of year! I had one in the shower too. I was not so calm. I think the shrieking and the nearly tearing down the shower curtain upset my husband more than the spider… It was a very quick shower.

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  2. This story is the only thing I’ve ever read that didn’t make me cringe at the vision of a spider, and especially so in the shower, so, um thanks, I guess.
    Nice work. Go. Be the spider.

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