13 thoughts on “Lethargy

  1. Love it. Nature’s color warning sign to admire, though do not eat. 🙂 Excellent, except, “Motivation lacking. Sign of the times.” ?? Curious, as the intent seems to interplay with mixed messages that come across. Please clarify. Or of course don’t, as things come across the way they do. Such a riotously orange snail without a shell slug, non-hyphenated, that has serious Presence As Architecture in itself. Looking forward to hear… what I hear back.

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    1. Wanted a visual of feeling like a slug, lethargy refers to sluggish which is what lack of motivation feels like. The reason I picked that particle slug is because I grew up with those in our backyard in Germany. But yes, the “sign of the times” was a reference to the lack of motivation/depression many of us are feeling now a days.

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      1. Excellent clarification, Susi. That Riotous orange orange was just SUCH a warning sign. SUCH an appropriate image to the intent of your messaging. Niiiice! No bird with the broken wing here. Thrival with Covid Blessings to everyone to find their way, their way.

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