Dipped In Yellow – Part 2


Part 1

“Hi, guys!” Susan said, called down excitedly, opening the front door upon their arrival right as they’d got out of the car. “I hope the drive wasn’t too arduous?” Tom and Kathy looked up to see her beaming with genuine happiness. Her demeanor displayed nothing over the top; not even her clothing was odd or bold, usually the case in the past, putting Kathy at ease as they walked towards the house. Let’s hope this time it stays that way, she thought.

“Oh, no, it was fine. Kylie got a bit fussy having to be in her car seat so long, but she eventually fell asleep,” Tom responded. Kathy stood behind him quietly, deciding to continue to observe first.

“Well, I’m glad to have you here finally! So happy to see you all. I can’t wait to spend some quality time with Kylie! It’s been long overdue,” Susan said, just like the perfect aunt.

Upon hearing her name, Kylie turned towards Susan and smiled broadly. And just like a proud aunt, Susan’s face lit up even more. She approached gingerly with her arms outstretched and hoped that Kathy would let her hold Kylie.

“Maybe you want to freshen up a bit, or lay down and rest for a few? I will be serving dinner in about two hours; maybe I keep Kylie with me while you do?” she said, nodding, waiting for permission.

Ever cautious, that’s when Kathy spoke up for the first time. “Oh, I don’t think we need to rest; after all, we’ve only been sitting. The ride wasn’t strenuous. We’re not tired, but thanks for suggesting it, Susan,” spoke up quickly, but graciously. “Plus, Kylie doesn’t do well until she gets to know a new person first.” Susan seemed to take it in stride.

“All right, that makes sense. Then let’s get you all situated in your room first, shall we? After that, I’ll get started in the kitchen preparing for dinner. Sound good?” She turned and led the way.

They entered her gorgeous home and struck by the fact it seemed so normal. Tom and Kathy knew she lived in Broadmoor, a posh suburb of Seattle, but were bewildered by that fact. Susan’s inheriting it was still a mystery. Considering her life was at critical mass at times, it seemed odd that she could be this fortunate. The family couldn’t believe she even knew people like that, considering where she had ended up after her variety of fiascoes. Maybe that person was just as disturbed as Susan? After all, her friend had died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head, so maybe.

Since Susan had let down her family so much with the drugs and erratic behavior over the years; their thought was she’d end up in oblivion if she carried on that way. Her getting involved with some pretty shady activities prompted her family to kick her out of their home finally. Susan even spent some time in jail for prostitution. She’d sunk pretty low. After that, she had no money and lived on the streets.

But seeing how she lived now, maybe she had turned it all around finally? Tom and Kathy hoped so.


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