Dipped In Yellow – Part 1

With Tom losing his job and Kathy being a stay-at-home mom to a newborn, things got tight and desperate. Even though he felt like a complete failure, it wasn’t his fault. The company had decided to downsize because sales had slowed drastically; his job and many others were cut to keep it operational. After a long debate about the most prudent thing to do, they decided to accept Susan’s generous offer to live rent-free in her home. It was the best option until Tom could find another job. She had plenty of room to accommodate them in her gorgeous home and lived in a decent little town.

But Tom’s youngest sister was the least sane of the Grant bunch. Was this really the best idea given how erratic Susan’s behavior had been a few years back? She was unstable to the point they had been out of touch for quite a while. Tom and Kathy had limited their interaction with Susan drastically for their sanity and safety. On occasion, Tom was heard to say jokingly, “Her circuit board is short a few connections!” She was eccentric, weird, and yes, a bit dumb. But that wasn’t even the worst part about her. Wherever she went, the drama was right behind her. The stories of her behavior in her town were legendary. Living with her now wouldn’t necessarily be the best scenario if she were still unstable, but Tom had reassured Kathy that Susan took medication now, which seemed to keep her under control. Having a newborn, they just wanted to make sure they were protecting her at all costs.

Ultimately, they decided they had no other choice as they were losing their apartment and desperately needed a place to live. Obviously, who can pay rent when they don’t have money coming in consistently? So, they packed up what they needed and held a garage sale with the items that weren’t necessary. Downsizing seemed the best thing to do rather than putting their stuff in storage; it would cost money to do that. Plus, they could use the cash the sale would generate to go towards their contribution for food and miscellaneous expenses. Tom and Kathy wanted to be as little a financial burden as possible to Susan. They also didn’t want to give her a reason to be resentful in any way. It might set her off.

The garage sale ended up being a great success, having sold pretty much everything they couldn’t fit into Susan’s house. Tom was glad the big stuff like the living room furniture, a large freezer, and all the storage shelves sold at reasonable prices. But Kathy was sad to see their massive book collection sold. There were so many favorites, and now they weren’t hers anymore. She kept every book she’d ever read since her teenage years; many of them autographed. Kathy sighed heavily when the last book sold.

Tom and Kathy were satisfied with the cash they collected the day before. Although, they still felt slightly unsure about their future as they gathered their personal items and headed to Susan’s.


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